Partners and ECOSYSTEM

HyperCool™ system for direct contact evaporative cooling (DCEC) is powered by 3M™ Novec™ 7000 Engineered Fluid and is being deployed by partners such as CEI Modular. Unlike water-based direct-to-chip solutions, where the risk of IT failure is possible due to leakages, the system leverages 3M Novec fluid, which mitigates this issue via its non-conductive properties. 3M Novec fluids for direct-to-chip cooling in data centers can help increase server performance while reducing overall energy consumption compared to incumbent cooling methods.

A recognized leader in the liquid cooling revolution for data centers, 3M manufactures Novec fluids that are engineered to efficiently absorb heat generated by electronic components, reducing the need for electrically-driven cooling components.

Affiliated Engineers’ (AEI) Mission Critical team is well recognized within the industry for their expertise in delivering unique and creative engineering solutions for data centers – focusing on performance, maintainability, and efficiency. AEI’s team supports ZutaCore, in addition to data center clients and partners, by providing consulting, commissioning, and system engineering, to implement the unique benefits of ZutaCore’s HyperCool solutions.

As high-performance computing cooling demands increase and air solutions reach their limit, operators are struggling with effective cooling solutions that do not involve water, which could lead to risk of IT meltdown. By incorporating ZutaCore’s direct-on-chip, two-phase, waterless liquid cooling solution into its modular data center designs, CEI Modular is revolutionizing the data center. With the HyperCool inside, CEI Modular is shrinking the data center footprint up to 40 percent, simplifying design, streamlining installation and densifying computing. ZutaCore’s liquid cooling solution is the latest technology in CEI Modular’s portfolio of modular data center designs.

GIGABYTE, a global leader in precision engineered servers, and ZutaCore, a waterless, two-phase, liquid cooling company, have partnered to bring to market their first pre-configured, warrantied Cooled-by-ZutaCore GIGABYTE servers. GIGABYTE’s rack servers are ready-to-integrate solutions that combine a high level of performance, energy efficiency and overall reliability for the most demanding server applications. This server OEM partnership with ZutaCore enables the scalability of HyperCool by leveraging GIGABYTE’s established global network. Now, for data center owners and operators in need of world-class servers that easily integrate into trusted rack systems equipped with the latest in liquid cooling, this provides a clear path to creating a full solution.

The HyperCool is a waterless, direct-on-chip liquid cooing system. Integrating the Intel® Data Center Manager (Intel® DCM) into ZutaCore’s software-defined-cooling (SDC) platform enables virtualization of cooling assets, predictive operations and optimization.

Redapt, an end-to-end technology solutions provider, and ZutaCore have partnered to allow data center owners and operators to accelerate growth by improving data center density, efficiency, and resource management for retrofit and new build projects. Customers can access joint solutions and services to accelerate growth and support high-performance computing, edge applications, and intense workload environments such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. As a value-added reseller and data center systems integrator (SI) for nearly 20 years, Redapt’s depth and expertise complement ZutaCore’s waterless, two-phase, direct-on-chip liquid cooling system. Together, Redapt and ZutaCore help customers increase their competitive edge and prepare for the future through improved economics, performance, and efficiency of their data centers.

Rittal, a leading global systems provider, has partnered with ZutaCore to bring to market Rittal HPC Cooled-by-ZutaCore solutions to address demands from hyperscale and colocation companies to cool processors up to and above 900W, and at higher densities. Combining Rittal’s trusted, scalable IT racks with ZutaCore’s pioneering waterless, two-phase liquid cooling technology, alleviates cooling boundaries from hot spots to the edge, while also mitigating the risk of IT failure. Now data center owners and operators can harness computer power at significantly higher densities from the CPU level through to server, rack and data center levels, consistently, in any climate.

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UNIXPlus, an established IT system integrator and ZutaCore, are working together to provide retrofitted and warrantied servers cooled-by-ZutaCore. Together, they address a rapidly increasing pain point for data center operators struggling to improve heat dissipation for dynamic, high performance computing applications – the limitations of existing cooling technologies. Customers are looking for innovative technology partners to retrofit their infrastructure without the fear of breaching warranties. UNIXPlus is the first integrator to provide an extended warranty for servers retrofit with ZutaCore’s HyperCool2TM technology.

Now, clients can overcome cooling restrictions from traditional air or risky water solutions and achieve unparalleled heat dissipation. ZutaCore’s HyperCool2TM will support higher computing densities, in compact footprints while slashing data center Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and reducing costs. This pivotal technology enables data center operators to go beyond LEED Platinum levels.