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With an ecosystem that spans processor manufacturers, server and switch OEMs, system integrators, supply chain leaders and industry consortiums, you are supported from data center design to system integration, commissioning and maintenance at a global scale.

ZutaCore Certified Partner Program was designed with one ultimate goal: To ensure that our partners are successful in the latest innovations in waterless, direct-to-chip liquid cooling.

With the ZutaCore Certified System Integrator Partner Program, you get access to superior end-to-end data center solutions, from the industry’s best that address a wide range of needs across the enterprise, hosting and hyperscale.

ZutaCore is constantly cultivating its partner network. As demand for high performance, high frequency,intense workloads environments such as AI and machine learning, and challenging edge applications increase, ZutaCore looks forward to partnering with you to provide superior end-to-end data center solutions to your customers. Contact us to learn more about how to qualify and join our partner program today.

Affiliated Engineers’ (AEI) Mission Critical team is well recognized within the industry for their expertise in delivering unique and creative engineering solutions for data centers – focusing on performance, maintainability, and efficiency. AEI’s team supports ZutaCore, in addition to data center clients and partners, by providing consulting, commissioning, and system engineering, to implement the unique benefits of the ZutaCore HyperCool solution.

Press Release AEI website 

The ZutaCore HyperCool dielectric cold plate is tested and certified for AMD EPYC(TM) 7002 series processors, AMD EPYC(TM) 7003 series processors, and the AMD EPYC(TM) 9004 series processors.

AMD Website

Boston Limited has been providing cutting edge technology since 1992 using Supermicro building blocks. As a leading systems integrator and provider of high performance, mission‐critical server and storage solutions, Boston’s solutions are tailored for each client, from the initial specification through to solution design and even full custom branding. Boston helps to solve the toughest business challenges simply and effectively. As a ZutaCore Certified System Integration Partner, Boston installed the ZutaCore HyperCool technology at its world class European labs in the United Kingdom and Germany, and its technical staff has been trained and certified as ZutaCore HyperCool Associates.  There, the company’s resellers, and customers can test the direct-on-chip, waterless, dielectric liquid cooling solution first-hand. 

Boston HPC Brochure  |  Boston Limited Website 

As power and cooling requirements increase with each successive generation of processors from both Intel and AMD, data center operators are being challenged to power and cool high-density racks of 50kW or higher. That's where ZutaCore Hypercool and CPI's ZetaFrame® Cabinet System come in. 

Press Release | CPI Website

Dell Technologies helps organizations and individuals build their digital future and transform how they work, live and play. The company provides customers with the industry’s broadest and most innovative technology and services portfolio for the data era. Dell enables customers to stay ahead of competition and meet sustainability goals with leading solutions from edge to cloud. Together with trusted partners, Dell delivers the end-to-end IT needed to accelerate a digital transformation. The company enables turnkey solutions via Dell OEM Engineered Solutions to make them available in the Dell sales catalog. Dell and ZutaCore are collaborating to deliver the latest in direct-on-chip, waterless, dielectric liquid cooling for data centers around the world. Together they will improve operational efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and support better economics for data center owners and operators.

Solutions Brief   |   Dell OEM Engineered Solutions   |   Video: ZutaCore at Dell Technologies World  |  Dell Website 

Equinix is the world’s digital infrastructure company, enabling digital leaders to harness a trusted platform to bring together and interconnect the foundational infrastructure that powers their success. Equinix is the first in the data center industry to commit to reaching climate-neutral status by 2030. With an aggressive sustainability innovation agenda, Equinix opened a Co-Innovation Facility (CIF) located in its IBX® data center, DC15, at the Equinix Ashburn Campus, in the Washington, D.C. area. As part of this initiative, Equinix is collaborating with ZutaCore to test and prove high density liquid cooling as a sustainable innovation that can cool current and next generation processors and will be used to help define the future of digital infrastructure and services. Together they aim to drive the proliferation of liquid cooling as a critical requirement in achieving the industry’s goals to reduce the carbon and water footprint of data centers.

Liquid Cooling in Action  |  CIF Release   |   Liquid Cooling Imperative Blog   |  Sustainability Blog   |  News  |  Equinix Website 

Flytech has provided reliable, easy-to-adapt and 100% customized customer solutions for over 35 years in Madrid, Barcelona and the Balearic Islands. Flytech is at the forefront of technology by offering solutions for Hyperconvergent environments, Cloud, Vertical Storage, Storage Clusters, Big Data, InfiniBand, HPC, GPU, Render Farms, Desktop Virtualization, Virtualized Infrastructures, Workstations, and Software Defined Storage.  

Flytech website

The ZutaCore HyperCool dielectric cold plate is tested and certified for the next-generation 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, along with Intel Ice Lake (3rd generation Xeon processor), Skylake and Cascade Lake.  HyperCool supports 136 4th Gen Xeon Scalable processors at full TDP of 350W with facility water up to 38C. Another step forward to bringing zero-emissions to the data industry through the reduction of power, footprint, and TCO.  ZutaCore is a proud partner of the Intel Parner Alliance, bringing exclusive business-building training and materials to global partners.

Earth Day Video: Data Center Sustainability  |  Intel website  |  Intel Partner Alliance

Mactronics is an Italian system integrator that sells and services computer peripherals with a focus on storage and systems. Focused on innovation, Mactronics provides its customers with the latest state-of-the-art hardware and software products to develop solutions for advanced, high performance applications. Always anticipating market needs, Mactronics helps customers plan ahead and integrates complete solutions for the most demanding workloads including HPC, big data and AI.  As a ZutaCore Certified System Integration Partner, Mactronics offers the ZutaCore direct-on-chip, waterless, dielectric liquid cooling solution as a game changing strategy to decrease energy, increase processing capacity, shrink the data center footprint and eliminate the risk of IT meltdown.

Mactronics website

Nextron is a leading supplier of scalable solutions, from IOT, Edge computing and rack servers, to supercomputers used for artificial intelligence in the Nordic region.  As a ZutaCore Certified System Integration Partner, Nextron offers customers first hand experience to test the  ZutaCore HyperCool technology at their Norwegian facility. Nextron is a priority partner with leading hardware manufacturers such as Supermicro, AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA. Our solutions are used for everything from small office and rack servers to supercomputers for the development of artificial intelligence. .

Nextron website

Open19 is an open source hardware platform, launched by LinkedIn in 2016, that consists of a standardized system of cages holding standardized blades with standard power distribution. The Open19 framework enables data center hardware design that powers edge, 5G and custom cloud deployments worldwide. The goal is to simplify operations, reduce cost, and enable cross server supplier integration. ZutaCore formally joined the Open19 Foundation in 2018.

Press Release  |  Open19 website

Oper8 Global is a leader in designing, building, and managing Data Centre Solutions with Integrated Cybersecurity. Oper8 Global supports complex and critical industries across the globe with our innovative Data Centre and Cybersecurity solutions; our Data Centres are designed to offer unmatched flexibility, evident in our Micro, Prefabricated, and Modular Data Centre solutions. These include High-Performance Compute Solutions that can support up to 125kW per Rack, specifically designed to the unique needs of our customers.  At Oper8 Global, engagement with customers’ IT, Facility, Data Centre and Security teams ensures the provision of resilient, secure, flexible and cost-effective Protected Edge® solutions, resulting in fully integrated platforms.

Oper8 website

Rittal, a leading global systems provider, has partnered with ZutaCore to bring to market Rittal HPC Cooled-by-ZutaCore solutions to address demands from hyperscale and colocation companies to cool processors up to and above 900W, and at higher densities. Combining Rittal’s trusted, scalable IT racks with the ZutaCore pioneering waterless, dielectric liquid cooling technology, alleviates cooling boundaries from hot spots to the edge, while also mitigating the risk of IT failure. Now data center owners and operators can harness computer power at significantly higher densities from the CPU level through to server, rack and data center levels, consistently, in any climate.

Brochures   |   Whitepaper   |   Videos   |   Rittal Partnership Release   |   Rittal Cooled-by-ZutaCore Release  |  Rittal website 

The Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA) is a nonprofit network of more than 80 members and partners working to catalyze the transition to a sustainable digital economy. The SDIA brings together stakeholders from across industries and fields, both public and private to offer a holistic, systems-thinking approach to solving the challenges facing ICT sustainability, ranging from energy supply and data centers, to fiber-optic networks and software. ZutaCore is a proud member of the SDIA and will work on the Digital Carbon Footprint and Excess Heat committees to help realize the roadmap to Sustainable Digital Infrastructure by 2030.

SDIA website

Technical Support Solution Bulgaria, is a Bulgarian company in field of critical infrastructure design, audit, implementation and supervising services. Focused on innovation and latest technology’s, Technical Support Solution Bulgaria provides its customers with state-of-the art technical solutions and products, helps to plan, design, optimize, calculate and integrate all required infrastructure, to run continuously their critical loads at existing and newbuild  environments. 

TSS Website 

AT CES2023 Valeo announced an agreement with ZutaCore to research and bring to market a new method for cooling data centers. The aim is to increase their performance and reduce their environmental impact. Data centers use increasingly powerful microprocessors that require more efficient thermal systems for cooling. Valeo has considerable expertise in high-performance thermal systems, especially for cooling vehicle battery cells. It is now turning its hand to thermal optimization for servers.

CES Video Announcement  |  Valeo Website  | Press Release

Founded in 1990, WWT has grown to become a global technology solution provider with $14.5 billion in annual revenue. With thousands of IT engineers, hundreds of application developers and unmatched labs for testing and deploying technology at scale, WWT helps customers bridge the gap between IT and the business. WWT is a ZutaCore Certified System Integration Partner, and its technical staff has been trained and certified as ZutaCore HyperCool Associates. HyperCool is installed at WWT’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC), where they design, test and demonstrate solutions for their customers. With HyperCool, WWT and its data center facilities partners, enhanced by relationships with major OEMs, now support server retrofits leveraging advanced cooling solutions that fit into current and future data center infrastructure ecosystems, providing the confidence of continuous operations with an innovative approach to sustainable data center cooling. Based in St. Louis, WWT employs 8,000 employees and operates more than 4 million square feet of warehousing, distribution and integration space in more than 20 facilities worldwide.

Software-Defined Cooling with ZutaCore Lab  |  Global Financial Services Case Study  |  Cool as a ZutaCore Cucumber Blog  |  Cooling for ESG Blog  | Two-Phase Liquid Cooling Blog  |  Earth Day Video: Data Center Sustainability  Press Release |  WWT website



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