Direct-on-Chip Cooling Solutions for High Performance Computing Environments

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See HyperCool Direct-on-Chip Cooling:

ZutaCore’s Complete Cooling Solution

HyperCool solutions for in rack, rear door and data center applications

Hypercool Server

Low pressure, two-phase, on demand cooling system featuring the Enhanced Nucleation Evaporator that efficiently moves heat off the chip.

HyperCool Smart Refrigerant Distribution Unit

Simply and compactly distributes liquid to each server and receives vapor, directing it to the condenser.

HyperCool Smart Heat Rejection Unit

Self-contained, fully autonomous units with independent sensors, pumps and controllers, and multi-level leak detection and prevention. These units move the liquid to the servers and ensure efficient condensation of the vapor and rejection of the heat it contains. Multiple configurations are available, both in-rack and rear-door versions, with heat rejection to either air or a data center cooling water loop.

HyperCool External Unit

Remove heat from the servers and in a single loop, deliver directly to the ambient without any other facility cooling infrastructure. Prebuilt frames include externally mounted pipelines and condensers to facilitate fast and easy connections in the field.

HyperCool Software-Defined Cooling

The virtualization and pooled resources solution that automates resource provisioning and management to improve system performance and optimization.

Server Kit with Enhanced Nucleation Evaporator (ENE)
Smart Refrigerant Distribution Unit (S-RDU)
Smart Heat Rejection Unit (S-HRU)
Software-Defined-Cooling Platform (SDC)

Rittal HPC

Customers can use OCP racks from Rittal combined with the innovative direct-on-chip evaporative cooling solution from ZutaCore to meet and surpass the challenges posed by server-level hot spots and high-performance-computing requirements, consistently, in any climate. This solution goes beyond the limits of air and eliminates the use of water, mitigating the risk of IT failure. Furthermore, two-phase liquid cooling is prepared for any evolution in high-powered chips: there is no limit to what it can cool as processor packages progress toward 1000 W and even beyond.

OCP In-Rack Solution
OCP Rear-Door-Air Solution

Use Cases

In Rack | In Rear Door | With or Without Water Infrastructure | Simply Roll into Air Cooled Data Centers

More Profitable Cloud Data Centers

New data centers are being built at a rapid pace. But building out new whitespace is incredibly expensive, and skyrocketing real estate prices in many key data center markets make doing so prohibitive.

ZutaCore HyperCool fundamentally changes the economics of the data center by increasing power density 10x.

REITs, hyperscalers, enterprises and others are achieving significant financial benefits with even small changes. For example, converting just 10 percent of data center floor space to high density racks can double the revenue of the facility. Converting an entire data center creates even more dramatic financial benefit, making it possible to generate 10x the revenue compared with traditional air-cooling equipment.

Edge Data Centers

Compute at the edge is growing exponentially. So too is demand for high power processors and corporate compute, on-prem cloud hardware. All are driven by the need to limit bandwidth to primary data centers, and to improve latency between the end user and the hardware processing their requests.

Virtually all of this computing is being installed in spaces that do not have the type of tightly controlled environments typically used for data centers.

With ZutaCore HyperCool, it’s possible to roll a rack into any environment without the need for special air-conditioning or cooling water. And high-powered computing can be installed in 90 percent less space than traditional air-cooled hardware occupies.

With these benefits, ZutaCore Hypercool systems enable Edge everywhere, from IoT to on-prem industrial computing to hybrid-cloud fintech and more.

Hot Spots

With the advent of commercially available 400+ W processors, data centers are having to figure out how to cool these intense heat loads in environments that are typically designed for much lower powered chips.

ZutaCore’s HyperCool solves the hot spot problem. HyperCool ENEs attach to any processor and remove the heat very efficiently, regardless of the environment or the package power.

HyperCool can be installed in any server, in rack or in rear door, even those originally designed for air cooling. This eliminates hot spots resulting from insufficient air flow. And it eliminates the need for expensive CFD consultants and specialized air flow panels.