Wiwynn Bets on Dielectric Direct-to-Chip Two-Phase Liquid Cooling with a Strategic Partnership and Investment in ZutaCore

Industry momentum grows around ZutaCore HyperCool with its ability to cool 2800W+ on display at Computex 2024

June 3, 2024, San Jose, CA

ZutaCore®, a leading provider of direct-to-chip, waterless liquid cooling solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Wiwynn, a leading cloud IT infrastructure provider for hyperscale data centers, to bring sustainable AI throughout the hyperscaler ecosystem. As part of their agreement, Wiwynn has invested in ZutaCore to help accelerate the adoption of its HyperCool® liquid cooling technology. With its unique ability to cool the hottest processors, HyperCool enables hyperscalers to meet the demand for power-hungry AI workloads while reducing power and water usage with little or no modifications to existing real estate.

“With dozens of HyperCool deployments in production, ZutaCore has emerged as the clear leader of direct-to-chip liquid cooling technology,” said Erez Freibach, Co-founder and CEO at ZutaCore. “Through this partnership with Wiwynn, we can set a new standard for sustainable AI in the data center, where energy efficiency and net zero goals can co-exist with the aggressive scale and ramp up of an AI-powered world.” 

“The rise of AI is heating rapid growth in data centers, and advanced cooling solutions are key to unlocking their full potential,” said Emily Hong, Chair and Chief Strategy Officer at Wiwynn. “We are thrilled about our investment in ZutaCore. Together, we can accelerate the development and adoption of two-phase direct-to-chip liquid cooling technology, unleashing the power of data centers with innovative, sustainable, and efficient cooling solutions in the AI era.

HyperCool Adoption Expands Globally

The HyperCool ecosystem continues to grow as data centers, server OEMs and chip manufacturers harness its power to cool the next generation of processors designed to handle AI and HP workloads. Partners include AMD, ASUS, Boston Limited, Dell, Equinix, Intel, Pegatron, SuperMicro, UNICOM Engineering, World Wide Technologies (WWT) and many others. In addition, ZutaCore also has a partnership with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) that includes both an investment and white-label sales agreement.

“MHI has made a corporate commitment to achieve carbon neturality by 2040, and this announcement is another significant milestone that will bring AI sustainability throughout the unified data center,” said Shin Gomi, Senior General Manager of Data Center & Energy Management in the Growth Strategy Office at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. “Our successful alliance with ZutaCore has helped to accelerate the growth of dielectric direct-to-chip liquid cooling solutions, and as the industry converges around this technology, it is becoming the de facto standard for cooling next-generation data centers.”

The Cooling Power of HyperCool

HyperCool features a groundbreaking closed-loop system that operates at low pressure and moves large amounts of heat off the processors and away from the servers.

Key features of the technology include:

  • High Thermal Design Power (TDP) – Supports 2800W and above TDP in a compact and environmental-friendly, scalable design.
  • 100% Heat Reuse – Provides constant and high output water temperature (70 ℃) and 30-40% less energy for heat reuse applications. 
  • Superior Power Usage Effectiveness – Achieves as low as 1.04 PUE, delivering 10-20% better energy efficiency with dynamic cooling, smaller pumps, and no performance degradation over time.
  • Higher Server Densification – Uses up to 50% less space in an air-assisted liquid cooled datacenter and up to 75% less space compared to immersion cooling.
  • Continuous Operation in Case Coolant Leak Non-conductive coolant ensures no damage and continuous operation in the event of a leak, compared to water-based technologies where leaks could cause significant server damage and outages.
  • Lowest Maintenance – The quality and amount of the dielectric liquid in HyperCool stays the same after many years of usage and with no water being used, the system is free from corrosion and water-related threats such as mold.
  • Ideal for Chiplet Architectures – unique design automatically maintains different temperatures at different locations which is key for AI servers leveraging the latest chiplet architectures.

Come see ZutaCore HyperCool at Computex in the Wiwynn Booth #G0017

The ZutaCore HyperCool GB200 Grace Blackwell dielectric cold plates will be retrofitted on a Wiwynn AI server rack, with cooling capacity starting from 132kW per rack, at Computex June 4-7 2024 in Taipei in the Wiwynn booth #G0017 in TaiNEX1, Taipei.


About ZutaCore: 
ZutaCore is paving the way for a zero-emission data industry with its next-generation liquid cooling technology that can cool the hottest processors with 100% heat reuse. Its HyperCool technology – a direct-on-chip, waterless, direct liquid cooling solution – enables the highest sustained performance, server densification, and reduced power usage, which is critical for meeting the power demands of today’s HPC, AI, and ML workloads. Founded in 2016, ZutaCore is headquartered in San Jose, California, with an R&D center in Israel and offices in Europe, India, and Taiwan. Learn more at www.zutacore.com.


ZutaCore Press Contact:
Alison Deane
Vice President, Marketing