Joint Webinar – Intel, Rittal & ZutaCore | Optimizing Data Center Power & Cooling

27 August 2020

Cooling accounts for ~40% of the energy consumed in data centers, leading data center operation and cooling models to rely heavily on the air cooling paradigm. Direct-on-Chip liquid cooling (DLC) marks a complete shift in existing assumptions and unlocks the possibility to radically reduce data center energy consumption. To help accomplish this, enterprise and service providers can leverage real-time power, thermal monitoring and optimizations for servers, racks, and groups of servers in increasingly dense data centers. Uniquely, combining DLC with software for cooling assets virtualization, predictive operations and optimization can enable the most power efficient data centers on the market, reducing the power consumption of the cooling, fans and in particular the CPUs.

Join us for a session about how to leverage software-defined-cooling capabilities to gain visibility into computing power assets and optimize resource allocation across assets while cooling high power processors. In addition, learn about monitoring and managing power consumption, dynamic voltage scaling and predictive cooling management for maximum utilization of resources at the highest power efficiencies.

Representatives from Intel, Rittal and ZutaCore can share strategies the companies have been developing to help data center operators remotely monitor and manage the power consumption of their facilities in real-time, to enable them to efficiently provision cooling resources and consume less power.