Cupertino Electric Integrates ZutaCore Waterless Liquid Cooling to Densify Data Centers, Lowering Costs and Complexity

Surfing the Impending Wave of Data, CEI Modular, Cooled-by-ZutaCore, Offers Customers Cutting-Edge Solution to the Edge

San Jose, Calif.— July 8, 2019 — CEI Modular, a division of Cupertino Electric, Inc. (CEI), a leading construction and data center infrastructure provider, and ZutaCore, a waterless, liquid cooing technology company, today announced a partnership to deliver modular data center solutions with ZutaCore’s HyperCool2™ direct-on-chip, two-phase change liquid cooling system. Applying insights to anticipate operational needs and planning for the entire product life cycle, CEI Modular vets technologies, then designs, builds, tests and delivers complete solutions through to the commissioning and maintenance phases. With HyperCool2 inside, CEI Modular is revolutionizing the data center by shrinking its footprint up to 40 percent, simplifying design, streamlining installation and densifying computing. ZutaCore’s liquid cooling solution is the latest technology in CEI Modular’s portfolio of modular data center designs.

“With more than 1,530 data center modules totaling 1.3 GW installed, CEI Modular has gained the trust of the industry’s largest and most demanding data center operators,” said Bruce Baxter, senior vice president of operations, CEI Modular. “We design and build infrastructure solutions to solve problems. Not just electrical, but mechanical, structural and logistical problems, across the value stream. We stay ahead of customer expectations, predict challenges and address real pain points. By delivering fully-engineered data center solutions cooled-by-ZutaCore, we not only offer the most efficient, future-proof cooling solution, but also help operators reduce expenses and scale at the pace of demand to provide real value.”

Leveraging 65 years of electrical knowledge and two decades of data center experience, CEI Modular is at the intersection of construction and manufacturing, providing a flexible, cost-effective alternative to traditional data center construction. Pre-designed to match emerging business needs, pre-tested to work every time and built in a controlled environment to ensure the highest quality, the result is a CEI Modular data center with the same performance and reliability as stick built, but with faster delivery and minimized risk for quicker revenue generation. 

“We are honored to collaborate with industry leading data center builder CEI Modular – together we are delivering the first modular data center cooled-by-ZutaCore,” said Udi Paret, president, ZutaCore. “By launching its cooled-by-ZutaCore solution, CEI is demonstrating that it is already adept at providing customers with innovative technology for the most pressing issues, in this case the fast approaching limitations of traditional air and water cooling. Not only does HyperCool2 yield unprecedented heat dissipation, it does so without the risk of IT meltdown and with the combined benefit of increasing computing densities, with lowest, constant PUE of 1.02, anywhere in the world. Through carefully curated partnerships, and its track-record as a trusted partner, CEI Modular is poised to help redefine what is possible in data center design and operations.” 

For more information please visit us at Booth 12 at DCD San Francisco from July 11-12 or read   CEI Modular Computing Densification

About CEI Modular 

CEI Modular, by Cupertino Electric, Inc. (CEI), is a division of the nationally-ranked electrical engineering and construction company that designs, integrates, deploys and commissions solutions with data center operators in mind. With solutions utilized by some of the largest operators in the industry—including search engine and social media companies, co-location providers and cloud service hosts—CEI Modular is a comprehensive modular and manufacturing partner. CEI Modular’s proven, factory-built and tested data center infrastructure products bring deployments online faster, more reliably and with less risk than conventional methods. For information, visit https://www.cei.com/divisions/data-center

About ZutaCore 

ZutaCore is a waterless, two-phase change, liquid cooling technology company, unlocking the power of cooling and revolutionizing data centers. The HyperCool2™ technology platform alleviates cooling boundaries at the chip, server, rack, POD and data center levels. The HyperCoolsolution is a complete hardware system, enhanced by a software-defined-cooling platform, yields unparalleled heat dissipation at the chip level, triples computing densities on a fraction of the footprint and halves costs. Designed by a veteran team in Israel and enabled by 14 patent-pending innovations, HyperCoolis a near plug-and-play system that delivers consistent results, in any climate. ZutaCore’s R&D center is in Israel with HQ office in California. For more information, please visit http://www.zuta-core.com/. 

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