AFCOM Data Center World | Panel Presentation

24-27 August 2020

Leveraging Direct Contact Evaporative Cooling to Densify Data Center Retrofits and New Builds

Data Center Planning for Innovation

A discussion about how data center design consultants face the critical question of cooling with high performance applications placing higher demands on computing systems & mainstream data centers. Direct-to-chip water-cooling runs the risk of IT meltdown & air-cooling has limits. Designers need to identify economical ways to scale high performance computing demands, for new builds, EDGE Data Centers and retrofits. The install base of existing data centers growing, a huge opportunity exists for densification, & using stranded mechanical and electrical assets. With direct-contact evaporative (DCEC) cooling, this can be achieved, reducing future infrastructure CAPEX & OPEX. As an example, the DCEC HyperCool technology will soon be demonstrated at a leading data center provider in Virginia. Also, delivered, serviced & warrantied by global data infrastructure partners the caliber of CEI & Rittal, ZutaCore provides customers with a trusted pathway to adoption and scale.

Moderator: Kelly Morgan  (VP- Services, 451 Research)
Panel Members:

  • Udi Paret  (President, ZutaCore Inc.)
  • Matt Koukl  (Market Leader Mission Critical, Affiliated Engineers)
  • Ameya Soparkar  (Director, Data Center Infrastructure Engineering, Rittal)