NeevCloud to Deploy Sustainable AI at Scale with ZutaCore’s Waterless Two-Phase Direct-to-Chip Liquid Cooling

India’s Premier AI SuperCloud Company Commits to Performance and Sustainability by Bringing HyperCool into its Current and Future Datacenters

June 5, 2024, San Jose, CA and Mumbai, India

In recognition of the Annual World Environment Day,  ZutaCore®, a leading provider of direct-to-chip, waterless liquid cooling solutions, and NeevCloud, the company behind India’s first AI SuperCloud, today announced that they have joined forces to drive sustainable AI throughout India. Pioneering a “Sustainable AI for the Masses” Model, NeevCloud will deploy ZutaCore’s HyperCool® technology in all of its data centers to enable the country to harness the power of AI, but with a focus on sustainability by preserving power, energy, and water.

According to NeevCloud, by leveraging advanced AI infrastructure and sustainable technologies such as HyperCool, there can be a significant reduction in water and energy consumption. ZutaCore’s innovative direct-to-chip liquid cooling technology reduces water usage by up to 90% compared to traditional methods, saving approximately 10 million liters of water per megawatt of IT load annually. Additionally, NeevCloud anticipates that utilizing ZutaCore’s cutting-edge cooling solutions will result in a 40% reduction in energy usage, potentially lowering overall energy consumption by 100 million kilowatt-hours annually for large-scale data centers. These efforts are expected to decrease carbon footprints and operational costs significantly.

“Unlike other liquid cooling technologies, ZutaCore’s HyperCool uses no water to cool even the hottest processors of 2,800 watts and beyond,” said Erez Freibach, Co-founder and CEO at ZutaCore. “This makes our technology critical for a hot country, such as India, facing a significant water shortage, while the energy savings we can provide can help alleviate the nation’s growing power consumption problem.”

“By scaling HyperCool throughout data centers in India, we aim to deliver an AI-powered and sustainable cloud that benefits the economy, our country, and future generations,” said Narendra Sen, Founder & CEO of NeevCloud. “Our future developments will all be based on waterless direct-to-chip liquid cooling. With customer deployments already underway, we are excited to introduce this sustainable AI infrastructure across various industries.

The Cooling Power of HyperCool

HyperCool features a groundbreaking closed-loop system that operates at low pressure and moves large amounts of heat off the processors and away from the servers.

Key features of the technology include:

  • High Thermal Design Power (TDP) – Supports 2800W and above TDP in a compact and environmentally friendly, scalable design.
  • 100% Heat Reuse – Provides constant and high output water temperature (70 ℃) and 30-40% less energy for heat reuse applications. 
  • Superior Power Usage Effectiveness – Achieves as low as 1.04 PUE, delivering 10-20% better energy efficiency with dynamic cooling, smaller pumps, and no performance degradation over time.
  • Higher Server Densification Up to 50% less space is used in an air-assisted liquid-cooled datacenter and up to 75% less space than immersion cooling.
  • Continuous Operation in Case of Dielectric Fluid Leak Non-conductive, non-corrosive dielectric fluid ensures no damage and continuous operation in case of a leak, compared to water-based technologies, where leaks could cause significant server damage and outages.
  • Lowest Maintenance The quality and amount of the dielectric liquid in HyperCool stay the same after many years of usage. Since no water is used, the system is free from corrosion and water-related threats such as mold.
  • Ideal for Chiplet Architectures – Unique design automatically maintains different temperatures at different locations which is key for AI servers leveraging the latest chiplet architectures.

“At ZutaCore, we are dedicated to innovation that aligns with India's sustainability goals. By integrating our HyperCool technology into NeevCloud's AI data centers, we are significantly reducing energy consumption, cutting carbon emissions, and conserving precious water resources,” said Vijay Sampathkumar, ZutaCore’s Country Manager of India. “This collaboration not only boosts AI performance, but also fosters a greener, more sustainable future for India. Our tagline, 'Water is for People, Not for Servers,’ highlights our commitment to environmental responsibility. We are proud to partner with NeevCloud to drive a sustainable future for our country and future generations.”

About ZutaCore: 
ZutaCore is paving the way for a zero-emission data industry with its next-generation liquid cooling technology that can cool the hottest processors with 100% heat reuse. Its HyperCool technology – a direct-on-chip, waterless, direct liquid cooling solution – enables the highest sustained performance, server densification, and reduced power usage, which is critical for meeting the power demands of today’s HPC, AI, and ML workloads. Founded in 2016, ZutaCore is headquartered in San Jose, California, with an R&D center in Israel and offices in Europe, India, and Taiwan. Learn more at www.zutacore.com.

About NeevCloud

 Established by a passionate and driven team of Indian cloud experts, with two decades of experience in the cloud industry, NeevCloud stands as India’s first homegrown AI Supercloud. Envisioning a future where India is self-reliant in cloud and AI technology, NeevCloud is on a mission to empower 'Made in India' AI, extending the reach of AI cloud computing to enterprises and startups across the nation and world-wide.

 NeevCloud offers a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing accelerated cloud clusters, each meticulously designed to meet the intricate IT demands of government entities, large and small enterprises, research pioneers, and a wide array of industries. Its foundation rests upon cutting-edge technology, including the deployment of advanced GPUs and offering Sustainable AI services.


ZutaCore Press Contact:
Alison Deane
Vice President, Marketing